How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Now

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Bed Bug History

Exactly where do bed bugs come from?
These bugs date back as far as the 1600s and potentially even further. In the U.S.,the initial accounts of bedbugs coincide with the introduction of colonists.
Go forward to The second world war together with the release of DDT. DDT took over as primary pesticide for the treatment of bed bugs for up to a year at a time. Having said that, bed bugs are robust and highly flexible to ecological variables, including inorganic pesticides. An array of chlorinated hydrocarbons were being utilized to treat bedbugs as well, including lindane and ultimately the organophosphate insecticide malathion.These pesticides cut down tremendously bed bug infestations. Prior, bedbugs could be present in up to 1/3 of U.S. households. These domestic infestations were typically seen in socially depressed settings. Problems in hostels, hotels, jails and shelters were the commonest breeding grounds.

Revival in The Nineties
Although the grounds for the spring up isn’t distinct, experiences of bed bugs in motels, apartment buildings and shelters were re-surfacing. Why?

1. Rise in world-wide travel

-As organizations expanded throughout the world, workers moved at a higher frequency. A couple of the most rapidly growing zones, India and china, pulled in more visitors in the 90s than in the past.

2. Surge in illegal immigrant individuals

-There was a sharp increase of immigrant employees in the 1990s; an immediate impact of the the corporate boom plus the need for cheap labor.

3. Modern lack of edcuation to their potential as a real pest

– Because of the fact that bed bugs hadn’t been a factor for aproximatly 50 years, it never crossed society’s mind as being an issue. Outside the old saying, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” many GenXers and GenYers had no notion that the bedbug was obviously a real insect that delivers a bite.

4. Swapping second hand home furniture and bedding

With the increased popularity of the web, especially websites such as Craigslist, we saw a revolutionary market blow up. Gone are the mom and pop yard sales and hello to a multi million dollar online transactional enterprise.
Prior to buying a used recliner or mattress, think twice. You might be inviting a bedbug invasion directly into the house, leaving you and your loved ones in harms way.

Exterminators by numbers contend with Ant, Cockroach and Spider infestations a lot more regularly than bed bugs. The traditional exercise to treat these pests is usually to bait and/or poison them. Well, you can imagine how difficult that technique is when our chldren, ourselves and our pets happen to be the bait.

No Quick fix solution
These bugs, like many pests, present an incredible ability to get accustomed to their situation. Sadly this means there is no one item or remedy that can take care of bed bugs 100% of the time. Often a combination of products and practices must be used to stop the invasion.


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