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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

If you detect the symptoms of a bedbug infestation, it’s essential to take action right away. In order to properly kill bedbugs, it takes a blend of products and solutions that are offered here. However, there are key steps you can take to slow down the reproduction pattern and start off your “mission to endbed bugs” on the right foot.First,

you’ll want to do typical cleanining. As I described in “Do I Have Bed Bugs”, bed bugs always like to reside in every and any crack and crevice (visualize how cockroaches hide, if you’ve ever had the delight). So, it’s important that you pick up all clothes and clutter within the room to reveal the hiding places and crevices. Peeling wall paper should really be scraped off, blankets and laundry needs to be sealed in ziploc bags and washed/dried in as high of heat as possible. All drapes and cloth that is not cleaned needs to be steam cleaned as well. 

Next, be sure you remove all pictures on the walls. Take your smoke detector down, temporarily of course, to see if there are any bed bugs living between the ceiling. The theory is that although the bed is usually the epicenter of the invasion, frequently bed bugs exist through the entire room, and possibly throughout the house. Don’t forget it only takes one female and her suiters to produce 200-500 offspring. 

Next, vacum your entire room, a steam vapor cleaner would be a lot better. Vacum every square in . of the carpet as well as your bed with appropriate attachments. Concentrate on any areas where you see noticeable bedbug inhabitation as described in “Do I Have Bed Bugs”. Empty your vaccume container or bag promptly in to a sealed bag and get it away from your home. 

Last but not least,you can utilize rubbing alcohol to kill visible bedbugs. A spray bottle or direct application will kill them on-contact.

Once you’ve performed this general care, I would suggest the utilization of pesticide, silica gel along with a mattress guard. Sealing your mattress is extremely important as it is the only method to kill all these bugs along with their nymphs in your mattress. It could take 6-12 months however they will ultimately die from starvation.Once you’ve read this article and slowed down the infestation, please visit our store to see user reviews of

different matress sealers, steam cleaners and insecticides exclusively designed for bed bugs.


How Do You Know If You’ve Got Bed Bugs

Before a bedbug infestation is even identified, it’s felt.
A lot of people will fall into deep sleep only to wake up with itchy bites across themselves. Even though many other bugs, particularly mosquitos, could cause this, if you’re experiencing this you ought to investigate further.
Then consider, what else has changed?

Did you just return home from a trip whether it be abroad or simply staying in a hotel for several days? The red skin bumps bed bugs often leave behind can hibernate and take a few days to appear.
Maybe you have purchased any pre-owned furniture or bedding? Bed Bugs are notorious hitchhikers and even a treated mattress will almost always still contain live bedbugs that can reproduce and carry on the infestation.

If this sounds familiar it may be time for you to dig a littler further and investigate specific evidence of bed bug infestation

If you feel that you might have brought bed bugs home with you from a vacation, promptly take all your luggage and any garments or other belogings you brought on the getaway, out of your house and away from your loved ones.

The next step is to inspect your sleeping quarters.

Luckily bedbugs are really easy to identify and sometimes their activity can be viewed dependant upon the severity of the invasion.

Your standard mature bed bug is a brown/brick colored pest about the size of an apple seed and spherical in form, especially after feeding.

The immature or nymph bed bugs may be more difficult to view since they’re smaller (aprox the size of a flea) and are very light in color.

Bed Bug eggs look like miniature pearls, around the size of a pin. Unless you’ve got a considerable infestation, you will not be able to see these using the naked eye.

Where to Look?

Bed bugs commonly choose to move along seams, near tags, behind bedboards ect. Similar to cockroaches, they like to move along edges and wedge themselves into small crevices. Dive in to these cracks and crevices and you will discover the pests themselves, or remmanants of their presence. Some of these remmanants include feces and molted skins. Luckily most mattresses are bright or off-white so these small spots of feces are easier to see . You’ll notice that their small with black and dark red spots most likely in groups.

If this all sounds familiar, It is now time to take action. Each day that passes by guarantees that the infestation festers.

Bed Bug History

Exactly where do bed bugs come from?
These bugs date back as far as the 1600s and potentially even further. In the U.S.,the initial accounts of bedbugs coincide with the introduction of colonists.
Go forward to The second world war together with the release of DDT. DDT took over as primary pesticide for the treatment of bed bugs for up to a year at a time. Having said that, bed bugs are robust and highly flexible to ecological variables, including inorganic pesticides. An array of chlorinated hydrocarbons were being utilized to treat bedbugs as well, including lindane and ultimately the organophosphate insecticide malathion.These pesticides cut down tremendously bed bug infestations. Prior, bedbugs could be present in up to 1/3 of U.S. households. These domestic infestations were typically seen in socially depressed settings. Problems in hostels, hotels, jails and shelters were the commonest breeding grounds.

Revival in The Nineties
Although the grounds for the spring up isn’t distinct, experiences of bed bugs in motels, apartment buildings and shelters were re-surfacing. Why?

1. Rise in world-wide travel

-As organizations expanded throughout the world, workers moved at a higher frequency. A couple of the most rapidly growing zones, India and china, pulled in more visitors in the 90s than in the past.

2. Surge in illegal immigrant individuals

-There was a sharp increase of immigrant employees in the 1990s; an immediate impact of the the corporate boom plus the need for cheap labor.

3. Modern lack of edcuation to their potential as a real pest

– Because of the fact that bed bugs hadn’t been a factor for aproximatly 50 years, it never crossed society’s mind as being an issue. Outside the old saying, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” many GenXers and GenYers had no notion that the bedbug was obviously a real insect that delivers a bite.

4. Swapping second hand home furniture and bedding

With the increased popularity of the web, especially websites such as Craigslist, we saw a revolutionary market blow up. Gone are the mom and pop yard sales and hello to a multi million dollar online transactional enterprise.
Prior to buying a used recliner or mattress, think twice. You might be inviting a bedbug invasion directly into the house, leaving you and your loved ones in harms way.

Exterminators by numbers contend with Ant, Cockroach and Spider infestations a lot more regularly than bed bugs. The traditional exercise to treat these pests is usually to bait and/or poison them. Well, you can imagine how difficult that technique is when our chldren, ourselves and our pets happen to be the bait.

No Quick fix solution
These bugs, like many pests, present an incredible ability to get accustomed to their situation. Sadly this means there is no one item or remedy that can take care of bed bugs 100% of the time. Often a combination of products and practices must be used to stop the invasion.

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